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An Electronic Fuel Injection or EFI system is essentially the circulatory system of a car, as such, maintaining an EFI system with regular servicing can prevent some of the more common problems drivers tend to suffer from including:

  • Engine pinging
  • Poor acceleration
  • Hesitation
  • Engine power issues
  • Cold temperature stalling
  • Engine performance lacking during cold
  • Sub-standard fuel economy
  • Rough idling


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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as far as these issues are concerned because carbon build-ups, left untreated, can eventually lead to expensive and otherwise unnecessary repairs.

As the circulatory system of a car, a typical fuel injection system is one that is defined as a system which mixes air and fuel within an internal combustion engine. Such systems have been the preferred and primary system used for the delivery of fuel in engines using petrol since the late eighties, having replaced carburettors with their increased prevalence.

Keep in mind that an EFI system in a vehicle is specifically calibrated and designed for the type of fuel that particular engine uses, either petrol or diesel.  While these two fuel types are vastly different, the creation of electronic fuel injection has made the basic system components of both similar in concept. The programmable features included with EFI systems allows for a standard hardware that is useful for both fuels (though typically not simultaneously).

As far as service and repairs are concerned, EFI systems operate on the concept that electric fuel pumps are the primary concerns in an electronic fuel injection system.  The fuel pump move the fuel coming from a tank into the different injectors, thereby creating the pressure necessary for the injectors to function properly and as a result, deliver the precise amount of fuel necessary for any operating condition. The pressure moving through the pumps and the volume of fuel moving through it must meet the standards and requirements set by the individual vehicle's manufacturer. If otherwise, engine performance, economy and emissions will undoubtedly suffer.

A fuel pump may fail simply because of wear and tear throughout extended years of constant use. Wear may be accelerated in situations where rust or other sediments invade past filters on inlets. Such contaminants can cause the pump to jam by entering it which can lead to a burnt out or overheated motor.

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