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Every new car is issued with a log book from the manufacturer which lays out the servicing intervals (usually in kilometres) and what parts of the car should be repaired / replaced or inspected at each interval. Sticking to the log book servicing plan will help to prolong the life of your vehicle, maintain its value in case you want to sell it, help prevent costly ‘surprise' repairs and maintain optimal fuel efficiency so you're not paying extra at the pump.

At Memmott`s Automotive, our mechanics do hundreds of log book services every year for all makes and models of car and we'd be happy to take on your car as well. Our workshop is located on Cox Road in Windsor, North of Brisbane city.


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If your car is beyond the period covered by the log book (usually 100,000 kms), you should still get regular services to keep your car safe, running smoothly and efficiently and to spot worn out parts and minor repairs before they become major repairs.



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