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You may have heard that your wheel alignment is not a big deal but the truth is, like many potential car problems, it will hit you in the back pocket in the long run as well as making your driving experience less enjoyable and compromising your safety.

Bring your car into our workshop at Windsor, Brisbane and we'll get your wheels realigned in no time.


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Some symptoms of misaligned wheels;

  • Poor handling
  • Car pulling to one side
  • Uneven tire ware
  • Poor mileage
  • Less safe driving conditions

 Your wheel alignment affects many portions of your overall vehicle health. Improper wheel alignment can affect your suspension angles. These angles are those specified by the manufacturer when their vehicle rolled off the production line. Suspension angles can be affected by any number of things; they can be knocked off kilter by an incidental crash, contact with the curb or a parked car, or simply by normal wear over time. In most cases, we can check & correct your suspension angles by using our wheel alignment machine.

If your suspension angles are a problem then it may be an indicator of deeper issues with your overall suspension. If you have parts of your suspension that are damaged, worn or not aligned correctly then this can be indicated by our modern wheel alignment machine, operated by our trained technicians.


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